Open 6 Days a week from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday

Calling ahead is advisable. To make a table reservation please call the Cellar Door on 0418 715 661
We can’t wait to share our piece of paradise with you!

Caudo Vineyard cellar door is a luscious green oasis located on the banks of the “Mighty Murray River” in the Riverland, South Australia.

A unique destination combining some of the best local wine, beer and produce in the Riverland. Enjoy a wine or beer surrounded by breathtaking scenery and wildlife unlike anywhere in the world.

When visiting take a moment and be captivated by this surrounding pristine environment, abundant wildlife, historic buildings and local produce.

Our staffs are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, helping you through the extensive wine tasting and dining options.

Feeling Hungry??

Mid-week during all opening hours we offer two dining options both suitable for 4 persons. We also offer a half platter suitable for couples.
We now offer wood fired pizza in 4 varieties on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Have a look at our menu in more detail below.

Summer means live Music!!

Weekends through summer we regularly provide local live entertainment. Complemented by a large range of soft drinks, ice creams, local nibbles and the Nippy’s range making it an ideal and popular family friendly location.

Located at the start of the Riverland when travelling from Adelaide, we are the ideal drop in destination providing advice for the rest of your Riverland adventure. Our staff are not only trained well in our business, they are passionate for the region learning much about other local attractions and how to get there.

We now have large parking facilities suitable for caravans, boats or trailers to easily park and manoeuvre.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Find Our


  • Local Tasting Platter

    A selection of local meats, cheeses, olives, dukka & relishes. Served with crackers and toasted bread. A 1/2 Platter is available for $25.00

    • Price$40
  • BBQ Grill

    2 Scotch fillets, 2 Pork Fillets, 2 gourmet sausages, 2 Lamb Chops served with a fresh garden salad and toasted bread.

    • Price$40
  • Pepperoni

    Cheese and Pepperoni, 12" Pizza, serves 2-3 people, Available Saturday & Sunday.

    • Price$20
  • Hawaiian

    Smoked leg ham, pineapple, cheese, 12" Pizza, serves 2-3 people, Available Saturday & Sunday.

    • Price$20
  • Margherita

    Cherry tomatoes, basil, mixed herbs, cheese, 12" Pizza, serves 2-3 people, Available Saturday & Sunday.

    • Price$20
  • Supreme

    Pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, mixed capsicum, mushroom, oregano, cheese, 12" Pizza, serves 2-3 people, Available Saturday & Sunday.

    • Price$25
  • BBQ Chicken

    Roast chicken, pineapple, topped with sweet baby rays BBQ sauce, 12" Pizza, serves 2-3 people, Available Saturday & Sunday.

    • Price$25
  • Semillon Chardonnay 2015

    Click here for Tasting Notes.

  • Rose 2014

    Click here for Tasting Notes.

  • Tempranillo 2014

    Click here for Tasting Notes.

  • Premium Shiraz 2015

    Click here for Tasting Notes.

  • Lifestyles Ladies Night

    Click here for Tasting Notes.

  • Lifestyles Verdelho

    Click here for Tasting Notes.

  • Lifestyles Rosé

    Click here for Tasting Notes.

  • Sangria The Red

  • Sangria The White

  • Sangria Sippy Cup

    $10 Refills

    • Price10.00
  • Jolly Rumbler Sangria Jug

    • Price25.00
  • Barossa Valley Cider

    Apple or Pear

  • Hogwash Bend Lager

    Lager 6pk TAKE AWAY

  • Summer Ale

    • Price$7
  • Amazon Ale

    • Price$7
  • Rivertime Pale

    • Price$5
  • Royal Tea - Golden Peach

  • Royal Tea - Blueberry Rose

  • Coke

    • Price3.50
  • Coke Zero

    • Price3.50
  • Sprite

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy’s - Apple & Raspberry

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy's - Lemon

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy's Ginger Beer

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy's Sparkling Water

    • Price3.50
  • Lemon Lime Bitters

    • Price5.00
  • Nippy's Apple Juice

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy's Orange Juice

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy's Orange & Mango Juice

    • Price3.50
  • Bottled Water

    • Price3.00
  • Nippy's Iced Chocolate

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy's Iced Coffee

    • Price3.50
  • Nippy's True Grit

    • Price3.50
  • Coffee Types

    Cappuccino, Latte, Long Black, Flat White, Mocha, Chai Latte

    • Price5.00
  • Hot Chocolate

    • Price4.00
  • Tea

    • Price3.00
  • *Soy milk available.





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