Caudo Vineyard

Cellar Door

Caudo Vineyard is a family owned business with a passion for the environment, community, history and the Riverland lifestyle. A completely unique tourism operation in a pristine location. The combination of food, wine, history and environment is a one of a kind experience only available in the Riverland region of South Australia. The cellar door is a diverse venue showcasing the best of what the Riverland produce and lifestyles have to offer.



“Continuous innovation of our core business to provide a sustainable nature and produce based tourism experience in the Riverland of South Australia. Connecting food, wine, history and nature to make a cutting edge sensory experience unique to Caudo Vineyard. Creating profound personal impact, leaving a lasting impression of their experience and our region. Driving word of mouth promotion and enormous flow-on benefits to the local community and South Australian economy.”

The now Caudo Vineyard was first developed in the 1880's. Here, its commanding position made it a natural wood stock up point for the passing paddle steamers, then known as Wattchow's Landing. Taking its name from the first owners Herman and Emma Wattchow. The preservation of the people's and properties history is very important to us, evident all around. Everything from our logo, wines, beer, vineyard block names, original buildings and monuments erected are there to share and remember stories of the past.

Originally we purchased the property in 1986 as a waterski and river getaway retreat for friends and family. Consisting of approximately 1200 acres of various terrains and crops including dry land farming, table grapes, stone fruit and a citrus block. At this time earthmoving was the core business of Joe and Christine Caudo, little interest was vested in this small farm as a venture. Slowly the lifestyle took hold and in 1992 the planting began of the now 360 acres of multiple varieties of vines as well as 70 acres of mixed citrus, 100 avocado trees and 5000 super high-density almonds add to the orchid.

Over the years the Riverland lifestyle, environment and community has inspired our family to live here and now transition to the second generation of family and business. 2009 saw the beginning of the transformation into the tourism icon it is today. This small cellar door is now a thriving hot spot on the Murray River for tourists and locals alike. The business continues to expand employing many locals, benefiting the community and tourism to the Riverland region.

Passion for this lifestyle creates a desire to share this amazing environmental experience and is the inspiration for innovation and excellence. Everything we create tells a story in line with our values and suits this lifestyle. Starting with our logo creation, Symbols that have been deeply thought about. Showing our passion for the Murray River environment and lifestyle while offering an insight to the past, present and future.