It was the lifestyle which lit the spark.

We wanted to create something to offer more back to our customers. We can’t thank everyone enough for the support over these initial years.
(Joining now you will simply receive points for money spent at the cellar door. These points can be spent at the cellar door on all products.
This is only the beginning, not sure where it go. Please know we won’t be emailing garbage to any one)

Passion for this lifestyle with a desire to share this amazing environment, history and experience was the inspiration for everything we do.

We Chose “lifestyles Club”

All our lifestyles are different gifting us with individual special moments in life. These create unforgettable memories hopefully shared with friends and family.

“Lifestyles club” aims to invigorate and promote the sharing of these moments with everyone.

We don’t know how its going to work yet, but we think its a good starting point looking back at the road it led us down. We hope it can do the same for you.


What it means to us:

  • Family, friends and fun.
  • Passion, appreciation and admiration for the history of the property, its owners and this region.
  • The connection, awareness and preservation of the environment.
  • Sharing, encouraging, teaching and complementing the lifestyles.
  • Memories, love, need and respect for the Mighty Murray River.
  • Over the years there is a feeling of a developed affinity with the river, environment and history of the property. Harmoniously working together building trust through passion and care for this beautiful environment.

Caudo Vineyard value, wine & lifestyles natural evolution back to simplicity

2011 Life simple beautiful
2013-2015. Wines inspired by our lifestyle
2015-2016. Lifestyle inspired wines
2017 Lifestyle inspired

Passion + Lifestyle = Inspiration

Living the life, loving the land and river lead us to here.

Passion and respect for the Riverland lifestyles always offers us the inspiration to progress. This goes for all the lifestyles out there.

Lifestyles is for

  • For those special moments with friends
  • Magical life experiences
  • The now
  • Having fun and living life to its fullest
  • The community and environment
  • Sharing our most favourite times together
  • Your secret holiday spots
  • Capturing memories
  • Simple enjoyment in the moment
  • Illustrating/capturing moments in life with wine.
  • Assimilate lifestyles with wine
  • Relating life moments with wine
  • Expressing life through wine
  • Connecting life, environment, experiences and produce.

Caudo Vineyard
Lifestyle inspired wines

The history and environment are in control, guiding us on a journey in the right direction.

Every family that has lived here has done it for the love of this lifestyle. Right back to when it was first seen and owned by Hermann Wattchow. Recorded in books as an instant knowing and needing to be here. The first (1886) and second (1902) home he built here still stands here today.

The passion for the Murray evolved and merged with the business showing the lifestyle. Inspiring the wine, now the tool to enhance the experience sharing the region and the lifestyle.

Lifestyle has breathed passion into not only the wine but every thing we do.