Oh yes it’s ladies night, and the feelings right. With a touch of spritz to excite the palate, this wine is delicate, delicious and delightful. Gather the girls for a night of glamour with this sweet and feminine fizze moscato.


Muscat Gordo



Wine Making Techniques

Muscat Gordo grapes harvested at 12 Baume, with a small amount of red grapes to give a pale pink hue. Ferment chilled and clarified at 6% alcohol to
retain a good sugar balance.

Bottled with some Carbon dioxide to produce a light, low alcohol wine with a refreshing palate.


A dusty pink sunset with a rose gold hue


Quite aromatic with sweet citrus blossom

Body & Flavour

Light and sweet with delicate bubbles that gently tickle the mouth.
Turkish delight with candied peaches and cream and musk.


Luscious, lingering sweet flavours that melt away.

Food Pairing

White lindt chocolate
Sea salt and rosemary crackers and a soft apricot cheese