Imagine your busy life is put on hold for a moment to enjoy a simple glass of wine. The lifestyles Verdelho is a wine to help you unwind and relax, taking in
the scenery. Watch as the river flows by and allow time to slow down with it.

Aromas of a tropical island breeze burst from the glass to put you into holiday mode. Life is bliss.





Wine Making Techniques

Machine harvested at night at 13 Baume. Pressed immediately, Free Run juice cold settled then racked to ferment.
Fermented cool to retain its tropical passionfruit/pineapple characters. Made to be consumed early.


Light, clear lemon.


Distinct tropical fruits filled with passionfruit, melon and honey dew.

Body & Flavour

Light body, crisp and zesty mouthfeel
Fruit driven with flavours of rockmelon and lime


Finishes clean with a fresh, citrus flair

Food Pairing

Chicken ceasar salad
Steamed whiting with a crunchy Asian salad
Scallops dressed in a Thai dressing