Muscovy Magic

If you have been to Caudo Vineyard you may have been lucky enough to see our feathered friends make their way down for an afternoon swim in the river.

Here at Caudo Vineyard we are proud of the diversities that we have to offer and we are especially lucky to have the mighty Murray river lifestyle, location, wine, food, our awesome work family, but most of all our animals. The Caudo family have always been passionate about their beloved pets, which has ranged from the very big to the oh so small, such as horses, dogs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and even emus! It is still growing with new adorable feathered and furry members soon to be added to the Caudo family. We can’t wait!.

Our big beautiful muscovy ducks are just one of the numerous types of feathered friends that we keep here in our aviary near Caudo’s Cellar Door. These gorgeous birds whom we have come to love over the last two years of having them waddle around the Cellar Door are actually native to South America and are believed to be more closely related to geese rather than any other duck species. They interestingly gain their name ‘muscovy’ according to their love of eating large amounts of mosquitoes and mosquito larvae.

The male muscovies are very easy to tell apart from the females with the boys having a much larger and more distinguished cluster of caruncles on their faces (the red stuff) and are also about twice the size of the average female muscovy. The females, which also having the red caruncles feature on their faces although much smaller, have an interesting trait after mating season. Just before the are ready to lay or right through to raising their ducklings, the red caruncles on their face actually changes to a pale orange and this is a blatant message to the other males to stay away.

These ducks are also known to lay very good quality eggs! Large, rich and creamy. They are not consistent layers unfortunately but if you are a lover of baking the perfect muffins or making the perfect pancakes these ducks and their eggs are a dream. Muscovies are also great meat birds, the meat is dark and very lean, and the inch of fat under the skin that melts away when in the oven makes for a mouth watering roast and is in fact the healthier choice out of most other meat ducks.

Muscovy ducks are well known to be great domestic birds as well due to the fact they are friendly, have great little personalities, the best part is when they greet you they wag their tails, give a little head bob and a gentle hiss, (very cute). Most importantly, Muscovies don’t quack they are very quiet ducks! So if you are looking to get yourself into the world of duck keeping, these muscovies are a treat!

Caudo’s has also been lucky enough to receive a brand new lot of gorgeous ducklings hatch just two weeks before Easter! Im-peck- able timing (pun intended) by mamma Muscovy! This is in fact our fourth lot of Ducklings to have hatched at our vineyard over the past two years. These little guys will hang out with mum for about 4 to 6 weeks before curiosity and confidence kicks in and soon enough they will begin to venture out and away from their pen and over to the Cellar Door to graze. They will waddle down for a swim with mum and the rest of the gang in the Murray River. This is an everyday routine for our beautiful Caudo ducks, living the sweet free range life and a pleasant life it is!