Deep purple hue


Gentle vanilla plum notes behind complex chocolatey cigar box

BODY and flavour

Medium to full bodied, rare for a Tempranillo to be such a big wine. Lush smooth with big fruity and spicy explosions of plum and black berries. Softened by a beautiful and delicate tannin structure.

This Tempranillo truly lends itself to life on the Mighty Murray River – a wine the Spanish would be proud of. To ensure our bright and spicy medium bodied Tempranillo is true to its Spanish heritage, before harvest we like to dance amongst the vines shaking maracas, eating tapas cuisine and wearing sombreros! This award winning wine is filled with exotic fruit aromas and bursting with character.

Invite your friends, family and create some fun, just as we do and drink until the sunsets. Bring the fiesta to your home and dance on the table.

This wine will serve to ignite your senses!